2000 – 2004. The band is formed and records various demos under the Hrapp

banner, among those, a split tape with fellow Danish band Moerkheim.
2005. The Enforcer joins the band on drums and Hess leaves the band.

With the furious drumming of The Enforcer, new things are possible

and the bands changes into a faster and darker incarnation,

entirely with Danish lyrics, thus the name change to Ligfaerd.

The band starts to work with new material.
2006. The band continues to work on material for the first official Ep,

and records a few songs to test the material, and these recordings end up on ‘Promo 2006’
2007. The band enters phlegm studio and records the Ep ‘Jordfaestet’

which was supposed to be released on 7” vinyl,

but the label closed down so the recording was shelved for several years.
2008. The band tries out various bass players but none seem to fit

and the band drops the idea of a complete line-up, live concerts

and decides to focus on writing material for their first album.
2009. The band records a 3 song promo cd ‘Gravens Hule Skød’

and spreads it to various labels around the globe, but the effort does not end up with a deal

so the band decides to rework a lot of the material and focus on perfecting the songs
2010. Early in the year the band finally enters the Renslip studio to record 9 tracks for the debut album

‘Med Død For Øje’ to be released via Godeater Records. The band also recorded a 4 track ep

in mid 2010 for Ancient Darkness Records for a 7” Ep entitled ‘De Ilde Varslers Ånder’

At the end of the year the band begins to rehearse with a session bass player for live purposes.
2011. The band performed the first live gig, supporting Blodfest, and after this gig,

Benedictus joins Ligfaerd as a full time member on Bass. A few weeks later the ‘De Ilde Varslers Ånder’ Ep

is released, and the band inks a new deal with Ancient Darkness Productions for a Split Lp.

More info to come..